August 7, 2007: Words. Lots of them. None fulfilled. It's too much copy-paste for even ME to understand.

December 25, 2006: I'm actually trying again! Hooray! Anyway, this spells some good news for you. I've got two new galleries now that I've finally got off my ass about putting forth the contest prizes:
-Episodes 1-6 of CyberTeam in Akihabara. The remaining 20 to come.
-All of Burn-up W. X is the next in line.
-The beginnings of a Divergence Eve gallery (NOT a prize, but who gives a flying rat's ass, really?). Man, Prim is hot.
Oh yeah, Merry Christmas or whatever.
(There were a bunch of things I said I'd do here, but they were all lies! Lies, I tell you!)

October 27, 2006- We are going to run this about like your average Q&A section.
So, Yuka Takeuchi Fan, what have you added to this update?
Well, I added in Jungle de Ikou galleries and a Sexfriend gallery...
Anything else?
I note it has been six months?
Gee, how long do we get to wait before your next pittance of an update?
Uh... the false answer you want to hear, or the true answer you DON'T want to hear?
What can I say? Just read the site. Don't you like Mii?

April 15, 2006- April 15, 2006- Here's a reward for your wondrous tax day- I added in the last two quarters of the Rushuna gallery, added the Setsuna gallery, added episode two to Usagi-chan de Cue!'s pictures (I even added comments to this one), got a new forum to use, and I'm actually gonna just shut up now and let you have fun!

April 11, 2006- Good news for me, I have a gallery host again. Browse as you please! But since I had to upload absolutely everything from scratch, there's a chance I missed stuff. Please report any broken pictures or links to me and I'll have 'em fixed soon. I DO have the new gallery pictures ready to upload, but I'll actually have the HTML done tomorrow assuming this weird-ass sickness I currently have goes away.
So happy gallery-mooching, I say.

April 2, 2006- There are times when I wish the past few weeks were just a really, really elaborate April Fools' Day joke I'd planned.
An April Fools' Day joke that involved me erasing everything involved with my picture and forum server, thus killing all non-Yuka galleries, and eliminating the forum.
Sadly, it is no such thing. My second host that I'd kept the galleries on and forum on to reduce bandwidth has caved in on me and I don't know if it's ever coming back.
Yes, this means that the forum is pretty much dead and gone unless a miracle happens with the gallery server. However, this does not mean that everything else is gone, or that all hope is lost. A while back, back when I'd had my first bouts with bandwidth problems, I considered the idea of rotating galleries in and out until the problem was resolved- which it'd done by itself, so I didn't have to actually do it. UNTIL I HAVE FOUND SOME OTHER HOST TO PUT MY GALLERIES ON, WHICH MAY NOT BE FOR QUITE A WHILE YET GIVEN MONEY WORRIES, OR UNLESS THE GALLERY HOST I HAVE NOW RECOVERS, I WILL BE ADDING NEW GALLERIES STILL, BUT I WILL BE ROTATING OLD ONES IN AND OUT.
I am very sorry for the trouble I'm causing all you guys. However, I will also try taking the gallery downtime to try to add more non-gallery content to this site so that this site isn't a pointless viewing without the anime boobs.
I will be making changes over the next few days to accomodate my new plans. I should have the new galleries (New Usagi-chan and Grenadier (both Rushuna and Setsuna) content) in within a few days, and comments added by the time of my birthday. Sorry my gift to you guys totally sucks.

November 17, 2005- I should probably mention a few things. I have received a LOT of complaints as to how slowly I update. I admit it- I was slow getting this update out; I'm sorry for that.
But hear me out. I've had a lot of problems lately and I REALLY haven't had it in me to do much work. Why, may you ask, would this be the case, given that I do enjoy working on this site? Well... Lots of bad things have been happening to me and the rest of my family, almost one after the other. If it's not my first kiss being invalidated by a date that wasn't, it was TWO of the family cars getting destroyed in freak on-road accidents. If it wasn't my ass getting loaded down with college concerns, it was my mother getting cancer. If it wasn't me getting sick and finding it hard to inhale without having to suck like Lin on a popsicle, it's the fact that now this hellhole of a state I live in just got icestormed.
In short- I have not had the strength or the mindset in me to go anywhere near an update for a long time. As such, some of the stuff I originally promised people, I'm afraid I'll have to rescind- and once again, the Rei mails have been pushed back a little. Also, while I have two new galleries, based on the first halves of both Grenadier's Rushuna and Mouse's Everybody Except Mouse, the comments are both not fully present and horribly scattered in nature.
I have also reviewed another video game, which I can pretty safely say is the worst beat-em-up I've ever played.
I will try to have the missing stuff put in within a week or so, college projects out the ass permitting, and YES, this includes Eiken .gifs.
Just enjoy what you can and call it good for now, okay?

August 9, 2005- Why do I even bother telling you guys that the recurring features mostly got updated (Rei has a little longer to go on her e-mails)? It's almost pointless by now. It's not as if you guys forget they're there.
So I'm overworked and whinier than ever. Here's a few prime bitchings you'll love.
You will notice me telling you outright where to buy Eiken mangas above. Let's just say that it's a bit of a triggered response after ONE WHOLE MONTH of fruitless searching at several bookstores, REPEATEDLY.
Hm... thus endeth the bitching, actually. But that was a prime bitching, admit! Anyway. I added in the comments I said I would about two months ago, sorry, and I also added in another gallery. It's from Grenadier. But it's not who you expect in it, because the person you expect in it is in roughly all 600 minutes of the series and that's gonna take a while to pull off. Just look for the red text in the gallery list below you.
I should mention that my slowness is not without cause, too. My computer has been in and out of the repair shop for the majority of July and I've only had it back in full-working condition for a week or so now. Except for Maple Story... Damn you for not working anymore, crack-esque game!
Oh, I had a few more dreams too.

June 13, 2005- Yes, I still update this thing. I note that people tend to say a lot of unflattering things about how slowly I tend to update, but I maintain that with the bunch of nuisances and trouble I've been going through for about two months now, I'm a little justified in not feeling like doing much. Also, as you might've noticed, the longer I wait between updates, the more stuff there is that seems to go up per update.
Well, today, it's been about two months. So today you get Rei mails, Random Musings, more psychotic dreams (I put these recurring features in so that I could do some just about every update, you know!), and some extra goodies this time.
Lookit the galleries. There's two new ones (unfortunately, my asinine commentary will not be in them until around Saturday, sorry)! Also, I've received a buttload of .gifs of Eiken that you guys might enjoy. Just be careful as some of them, which I will warn you about beforehand, are hell on modems.
Other than that, yes, I managed to blow off the article on my Civilization game ONCE AGAIN, although I imagine that few care because dammit there are boobies to be ogled. If anyone even cares about it, feel free to let me know or else it's likely to continue to stagnate.
Also, it's highly possible that I'll be throwing up the Iketeru Futari gallery again sometime in the future. You might have noticed that it's been gone for a while. The reason was, the episodes I'd found so long ago weren't particularly high-quality, and there's a gallery at the Anime Fanservice Image Gallery that had far higher-quality episodes than mine. Thing is, now I have a few of those episodes as well, and can go get more. So once I've done that, which isn't a high priority given the other stuff I've got, maybe I'll see what I can do about a gallery advance...

April 9, 2005- Today's my birthday!
I'm nineteen now. Not much has changed. However, the site has had some minor updates. I've added in some more Rei e-mails, and there's a picture of Komoe and a nine-year-old me in the 'Woefully Inadequate Artwork' section... ...and for once, I actually think that it ain't half-bad...
Also, for those who are curious, I was able to download the sequel series to Bakunyuu Oyako, known by the game series' original name- 'Milk Junkies'. Even though it's a kick in the crotch for me to know that as much as the main character (Wataru) looks like me, I will never be that lucky, it's actually a very well-made show and it's one that's definitely high on the gallery list. Stay on the watch.
Oh. There's another gift art somewhere in there too.
Also- friend of mine made up a cool little birthday song based on Yuka's theme from VG Custom. You can either download it from the source page, or my very own site helper #2.

April 2, 2005- Everyone would have suspected that I would try to run another dirty trick for April Fools' Day. I say COME ON! Everyone EXPECTS something to happen on that day. Besides, I can't top the Eiken Day 2004 trick I pulled (note, all the links on that page will lead you back here now). And from the looks of things, nobody was dumb enough to fall for that trick for a second anyway. I knew you guys were smart!
That being said! I have an AWESOME little surprise for you that I don't believe I've mentioned. A friend of mine, one day, asked if I wanted him to draw a comic for me, and if so, of who. This was in late 2002 or early 2003, so I picked Yuka and Elena. So, I gave him a story outline to follow and said that if there was anything he wanted to add or change, shoot for it.
I WAS NOT expecting what I got. The comic- no, MANGA- lasts a full 25 pages, AND it has a cover. I wrote the script for the Yuka and Elena fight (which covers FOURTEEN PAGES OF THE MANGA), and all of the dialogue you'll read, and my friend took care of all the drawing and the rest of the storyline.
It's done and posted after two years. Let's hope you enjoy it. I do warn you though, there ARE a few things that one might not consider 'worksafe' in the manga, so read with caution. NOTHING DIRTY, mind you, but it's a little higher in fanservice content than most of the stuff you'll see here. By the way, this does not mean I will add even a single nipple picture to my galleries, so don't get any funny ideas.
There's also a few more Random Musings. Plus, since my birthday's in a week, some Rei mails should be on their way.

March 11, 2005- Somebody's ('somebody' being 'SPF 45 Sunblock') been doing their homework on my not galleries. Perhaps Kiyohiko Azuma will approve this card.
...I'd like to spend a little time working on some non-gallery stuff. I think you might like a few things (please don't send me snippy e-mails stating that 'no you wouldn't, gimme tits', they make Yuka Takeuchi Fan cry).
...was a lie I made. The Mitsuka gallery's now done, and the Rei mails are on delay. I might put up some of Harumi from DearS too, but other than that, I'm done with DearS. I would do a Ren gallery if I weren't already looking at a hellish struggle with a main character from a 12-episode anime (remember Rushuna?).
Oh, I added in another dream! Go and check it out.
Oh, go check out my Bad Deviant Art Section. I have my Valentine's Day drawing there.

January 15, 2005- This update, we have a few more Random Musings, and additions to the Mitsuka gallery (everything up to episode 6). I also went and added captions to the Rei and Mitsuka galleries. Also, since I finished going through DearS, I'll be watching Grenadier next. You know what that means. Also, some more gift art is in, including one I stupidly forgot to add for several updates running.

December 31, 2004- It's soon to be a happy new year for everybody (don't you hope!) Now, this time, I haven't updated with any actual material. All I did was add a few more things to the 'can you find this for me please' list. However, I would like to mention that by next week, I should have a lot more up for the Mitsuka gallery, including the captions I haven't put up yet. If I'm fast enough (don't get your hopes up though), I might be able to start on the Grenadier gallery too. Let's just hope 2005 goes well!

December 26, 2004- Bad news first- I haven't gotten around to putting in the new captions and stuff yet. The good news is, the Rei mails just went up.
Other than that, there isn't a lot for me to say; hope the holiday season was as cool to you guys as it was to me (if my digital camera had batteries, I'd show you the copy of Eiken I bought today). Later days, and hopefully I'll get on with more of Mitsuka soon (By the way, I never saw it coming, but the DearS manga just started coming out. Go an' pick it up if you'd like.)
Enjoy your stay!

December 15, 2004- Happy Day-Past-Eiken Day! Before I go further, even though I have full faith that many of you longtime readers KNOW I was faking, that opening page you saw upon opening the site yesterday was a hoax; it was plain, out-and-out false. I have never considered starting another cesspool for the elitists of anime and refuse to let myself become one. You guys are smarter and better than them. They don't deserve you, and I won't become them. So anyone who thought that I was serious with that prank, sorry! I didn't mean to deceive you like that, I was just playing around. I'm the same irresponsible moron I've always been!
In the meantime- Rei was able to answer about half of her e-mails (to be posted later tonight) and says she'll answer the rest on Christmas. Her present to you, she says.
Plus, I have entered a few new galleries into this increasingly bloated site. You have one for G-cup Teacher Rei (you would not BELIEVE how many people asked me for this), and I've started one up for the only anime teacher to make Saori Shikijo look conservative- Mitsuka Yoshimine from DearS. You won't want to miss it, and you won't be considered insane if, like me, you find EXTREMELY vague similarities between their appearances. By the way, once again, I have to hold off on my captions for a day or so. I'd do it sooner, but I've got a job and exams I gotta take care of. Sorry everybody!

December 11, 2004- Yes, I know I was supposed to do the actual update today. Sorry. Until then, I've re-arranged and fixed up some stuff that I know wasn't working quite right. In three days, you'll be seeing some Rei stuff, in addition to a little preview of what's to come with a cute little DearS-ie named Mitsuka.
Other than that... I finally destroyed my old 'Fake CG' gallery.
And yes, I finally have the Eiken .gifs up. This should kill about half my e-mail flow.

October 31, 2004- At least I threw up a game review (Lethal Weapon) and a few more Random Musings. I'll update more and more over the next few days, but don't get your hopes too high; I'll be a widdle bit busy these next few weeks.
Oh, but hit the gift arts, too. Akio made another one!

September 12, 2004- Good-ish news. I managed to finally download G.T.R. 3 (which turned out to be a horrible, horrible mistake) and I can now get to work on a gallery. Stay on the watch.

August 12, 2004- Before I continue...
I would like to mention that 4chan is apparently coming back.
(Hey, about the G-cup Teacher Rei gallery- suck it, 'moot', I like Rei) (hey, where else to hide this?)

(Wannabe) Artist's Rendition A

(Wannabe) Artist's Rendition B

I do not give a flying damn what they say on the front page, you KNOW what it shall become, and I now believe that my miniature ulcer from 'Incident: Rei' has just grown to the point where my stomach is now just one huge ulcer attached to my rectum and esophagus. Enjoy it anyway. I'm going myself, but with the 'Guarded Pessimism' approach.
BUT, that aside, on to business. Well, I got the raw copy of episodes 1 and 2 of Eiken, and as such, I've taken a few pictures from episode 2 now. I'll make more later, trust me, because you people REALLY seem to enjoy Eiken! But, until I do that, because I need to free up 700MB of my near-full hard drive, I decided that the new Slight Fever Syndrome gallery was the top priority (Please don't kill me). I also made yet more of those Random Musings that people seem to enjoy far less. I also had a cute little dream that involved Topless Kagura (Azumanga Daioh). Tomo is still cooler. People are still finding Miss Rei to be useful, too, so she's got more e-mails to answer. (Why do I feel like I'm doing more for Rei's reputation than N.K.L.S. himself?)
Oh, a little news. I'm thinking about doing a little hand-drawn webcomic based on some little 'chibi'-characters I drew up. That is to say, I'll do three, then run out of ideas just like I did with 'Variable Constant' and 'Ultimate Fort Wars', then allow it to fade into the ultimate obscurity. If I do it, its code name for now is 'American Chibi', to ensure that you know that I'm bastardizing yet another Japanese invention. Seiji Matsuyama, please quit crying, your arteries cannot divert so much blood to the eyes. (and please, Kotoyoshi Yumisuke, I have proof that you saw those fanarts of mine, so please put the gun down.)
By the way, I'm eliminating the 'Attempts at Fanart' section, EXCEPT for the 'Gift art' and 'Link' sections. Unless you wanna stop me from doing so, of course.
Later updates: 'Nami SOS' gallery, 'Equation of the Immoral' gallery (assuming normal luck in yanking the non-hentai out of hentai), 'G-cup Teacher Rei' gallery (Frickin' EDIT: NO! DON'T DOWNLOAD EPISODE 3! I MEAN IT! REALLY!), 'Gakuen Maria Bakunyuu Teachers' gallery (You read this very, very correctly), 'Lethal Weapon' (NES), 'Mug Smashers' and 'Fantasyland' video game reviews, other random updates to equally random sections.
Oh... I changed my mind about the message board. Instead, I have a blog now. Look for the Tomo icon.

July 26, 2004- In addition to the hell that would be called 'college' looming nearer and nearer, I might be getting a job within a couple of days! Don't worry, the updates will still come like normal- slow and not really worth it!
July 8, 2004- Whew! Okay kids, Internet being as it is, let's settle down and review the important information. We start with:

4chan is now dead!

(Wannabe) Artist's Rendition

By now, you know this. You MUST know this, if only because you noticed that during an unannounced update that I used mostly to plug a buddy's Eiken manga site (and here I go again, hm?) that I took out the link, posted four substitutes, and acted totally indifferent about the whole mess. Let me tell you that it's a WEIRD feeling that the site's shutting down barely fazed me, whereas "Incident: Rei" literally caused me to be unable to eat for the whole day (and I'm seriously not kidding about that). I suppose I'd have cared more had I not started becoming slowly aware of the fact that the majority of the posters (and hell, most of the confirmed moderators) were some real idiots and punks. Personally, I don't think 4chan's coming back, so I got over the mourning really quickly and just went on to substitutes (The stick of beef jerky I ate after reading it was very tasty). I've heard people say that 5chan is shit. That's fine, but allow me to use the Voice of Sarcastic Reason here... So, now what are you going to turn to? Hate to say it, but even if you don't like it, it's what everyone's switched to, including me (couldn't be more content though, really). Hey 'moot', if you're reading this (you're probably not and I should probably be very glad you're not given your previous 'issue' with me and 'Incident: Rei'), thanks for the zillions of pictures and torrents and what-have-you I wouldn't have without your site, but despite your minor yet implied thoughts of trying once again, you've obviously had enough of it, so logic dictates that you should, oh, I don't know, GIVE UP ON 4CHAN!! That's all for this briefing.

River City High is now dead!

(Wannabe) Artist's Rendition

The webcomic I've grown to know and like out of sheer accident is calling it quits. Too bad really, the story was going along mostly quite well and now, not only will we never know how things turned up in River City, the story's current jump-off point makes no logical sense for an ending. Ah well. This is why we have RCR EX, to live the adventure on our own. Still, stick around a little longer... There's gonna be an RCR font for you someday.

Holy crap, I actually updated in less than a month!

(Wannabe) Artist's Rendition

You are still probably reeling by this. Well, here you have it. The list...
I found another 'Bakunyuu' anime to tide you over until 'Teachers' finally makes it way into my rapidly-depleting hard drive. It is a hentai anime. It is called 'Bakunyuu Oyako'. It is also known as 'Milk Junkie'. It is obvious why. It is on the Hongfire tracker. It is the easiest anime to censor nipple out of that I've seen yet. It is based on a two-part (as of right now) hentai game series. It is an OVA series that I want to see go to episode two simply because the main character looks a LOT like me in the second game/hopeful movie. It. Is. Galleried.
I went to the JAFAX convention, and it kicked ass, minus the part one day later when kicking too much on my tired leg caused me to pull my leg muscles so hard that they're now inhabiting my chest (I'm not serious although I DID pull my muscle). I had a few shining (and some considerably less good) moments there, which I have seen fit to give a section to.
I gave a slight update to the Random Musings section (also now in archive form), and a few more Rejected Banners.
More Rei e-mails, albeit not many as apparently, there were 15 virus hopefuls in opposition to about four real e-mails.
Rapidly-growing proof that I have no business pushing pencils to make drawings (I think that every time I try to make Eiken fanart, Seiji Matsuyama weeps a little blood)
And of course, my following begging for goodies that I truthfully probably don't deserve. (C'mon, they're still on the front page, I ain't repeating it here.)

June 17, 2004- The Rei e-mails are up.
June 9, 2004 (it was only a week later, I qualify the 17th as more of an expansion pack)- Exactly two months from my last update, I notice. Hm. Well, that's not the issue. This update is a landmark in the history of all Yuka Takeuchi Fan-fandom (a contradiction, I know, who the hell would ever be a fan of ME?). Why, you might ask as you look through the galleries? Simple. I didn't do anything related to my galleries this update. Suspend your disbelief and listen on. What I DO have are a few other things. I've reviewed a couple of video games, I've made a couple more banners, there's finally a thing or two in the RCR section (even though one of the two WAS a review), and there's a little something that spawned from a blackout thanks to the Terror Typhoons that blasted through the Midwest not long ago. That's right, my one and only attempt at blogging I'll ever do (and it's on scanned college-ruled paper). Watch me try to decipher it.
The Rei e-mails don't seem to be done yet. Since there were TEN, by all reports, it seems it may be another few days.
Other than that, I can't think of much else to say. Happy reading! But not before THIS, a...
POINTLESS MESSAGE THAT WILL ACCOMPLISH NOTHING!!!: There's a small anime convention a fair distance from where I live called 'JAFAX'. I will likely be there come June 26th. If you're there, and you're curious as to who I am in real life, just look for a guy with glasses stumbling around, taking pictures of female cosplayers, wearing a self-made iron-on shirt that will either have the current Y.T.F. logo or 'Eiken' (complete with pictures) (hey, 'Paizuri Otaku' is a toughie to find pictures for!), I know that stating THIS is the dream to end all dreams, but if you're a girl reading this that's going to be there- if you dress up as an Eiken girl, preferably Kirika, Komon or Chiharu, and allow me to hug you around the waist (or really, wherever, so long as I get the hug) in a picture I will have taken, simply mention this offer to me and I will pay you $10. The offer stands.

April 9, 2004- Well, happy birthday me. There is no further need to conceal this- I'm eighteen today. And some of you people out there were nice enough to give me little presents; which trust you me, I appreciate MAJORLY.
Okay, update notices! I have two new galleries for you! Usagi-chan de Cue!!, and one of Mizuki from Gravion. You can thank Akio of the Mansion (remember, he drew up a Yuki gift-art for me?) for the Mizuki gallery, rather than me; he provided all the pictures. Also showing up are new dreams, a few new Random Musings, more links, more Rei e-mails, more self-made fanarts (let it be known I'm still doing humor pieces for this 'cuzza this notice! By the way, since no one gives a flying shit about the pictures, I decided against doing a birthday artwork) AND a few more Eiken pictures. How's THAT for update coverage!
If you haven't noticed this yet, I redesigned the site a bit to make it a little faster to load. I now have the galleries and the video game stuff in their own little pages; don't worry, everything's still there.
Other than that, that's it! Enjoy your visit and continue to kick ass as my readers!
Last thing. I'm considering getting rid of the Fanart section, barring of course the 'gift' and 'link' sections. I'm not that good at it, practically no one cares about the drawings, and I've noticed I've got a huge vicious streak towards the things lately.
Also, that said. Remember 'Thanks Teacher'? The doujinshi I thought I might try? After careful consideration of the fact that I'm not that good at drawing, and the fact that I don't know anyone to threaten to force them to draw it for me, and I took on WAY too ambitious a project- I am simply not going to draw it. Call me whatever you want, but I simply don't think I can pull something like that off. And I'll put up the script somewhere later, so you'll have that.
Never mind. New last thing. I'll soon have added in a new section based on one of the better games I've played, River City Ransom. This is due in part to there being a remake of the game coming out near the end of May; don't forget it if you liked the original- I've played the Japanese version and let me tell you, it kicks.
Oh, for those curious as to the birthday gifts I got:
-$165; most of which has been used up.
-A dance pad for my PS2.
-Slight Fever Syndrome (came with a free sense of paranoia).
-Tape containing copied-over episodes of Battle Team Lakers EX (still want anime pictures) and Private Psycho Lesson.
-A birthday fanart (once my modem lives again, I'll put it up).
-Some random pictures.
So yup. Good 18th. Next update, you get River City Ransom stuff, as I'd planned on doing it earlier but I sorta forgot about it. It WILL show up next update.

March 13, 2004- Still waiting on the refund check but I've still just placed an order elsewhere on the VG artbook. I am getting this thing if I have to go to Japan and mug Takahiro Kimura himself to get it. If anyone needs something funny to look at, have more of my badly-drawn pictures posted up in my fanart gallery. Take heart, for I also have pictures from the more talented than I in the gift art section. As you likely expected from that which I have said in a past update, there are now more Eiken images for you, from a variety of sources. Including a link to the first few Eiken mangas (thank you Roger@Pyoko). May wanna pick your eyeballs up off the floor. Assuming you care, there are also several new Random Musings, and a new CG link. And a new Ultimate Fort Wars story.
Oh yeah, if anyone cares, my birthday's on April 9. I swear to you I'll have an Usagi-chan de Cue!! gallery up then. Also, a friend of mine (we'll call him Akio of the Mansion as that's who it was) sent me several good pictures of another Mizuki, this one being from Gravion. You won't wanna miss it.

February 14, 2004- Yes my friends, it's that time again! That wonderful little holiday known as Valentine's Day is upon us once again! As you might not be able to tell, I'm trying my best to hide my seething hatred of this holiday. Am I doing well so far? ...I'll keep going either way. So! How's your day going? Hm? Got a girlfriend? (If you do- I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU!!!) 'Kay... So, ready for my special Valentine's Day update? GREAT! Today I've got for you a gallery based on Natsune from 'Battle Team Lakers EX' and its games (okay, so for right now it's ONLY the games. SOMEDAY I'll find the anime). Those of us without girlfriends can go have a look-see at it! Happy reading, and let's ready ourselves for a birthday update soon! (And possibly an earlier one with more EIKEN images!)
Rei told me that she's got all the e-mails she needs for the next update. Don't let it stop you from sending more in though.

January 31, 2004- My oh MY did I ever get this one out fast! A bit surprising considering I've added a few things this update. First, you'll notice that, even though the link to my personal fan-art gallery was active earlier, it led you to a 'cannot find server' page. Well, here's why. Remember my emergency update? The one where Eiken was re-torrented? Yeah. I'd HTML'ed in the link at the time and forgot about it in my mad rush to post the Eiken links.
What this has to do with anything, you might ask? Put it this way. Click the same icon now. Go on, all the other kids are doing it...
As said, I added more pictures to a few of the galleries, specifically, Yuka, Satsuki, and Eiken.
Bizarrely enough, I actually added more to my 'dream' section. Don't be too excited. Any dream I can remember that has me hugging a girl in it tends to be remembered only as that.
Also, given that I actually got all this done in relatively short order, I also added more Random Musings, more Spanish phrases, and more rejected banner ideas.
Rei's decided to do only has 3 new e-mails this time around, but those who haven't been responded to yet will be.
Also, this may seem like an odd request out of you guys, but do me a favor and check around to see if you have any of the following. Both are DVDs and .avis. Also, the former is apparently several PC games as well. Ready? 'Battle Team Lakers EX' and 'Slight Fever Syndrome'. Any help in the matter of finding me pictures of Natsune from the former (I'm already aware of one 'Roger's site, I need more non-hentai shots) and Miss Mizuki (yellow hair), the red-haired gal (the name escapes me), and Haruka (green hair) from the latter would be highly appreciated. If you check around my little fan-art gallery closely, you might pick up on why this could one day be useful. Also, there's the possibility of another gallery if I can get enough somehow. As always, credit WILL be given where it's due. You do not have to do this, and I don't want to impose on any of you guys; but I'd appreciate the help.
Well, thanks to the tracker a friend talked me into getting earlier, I've come to a conclusion. You readers are some of the most awesome I know. Somehow, in the scant month I've had the tracker going, you've all given me a grand total of over 5000 hits. I'm impressed. Thanks, everybody. I'll keep on doing what I'm doing to make it worth the trip for you guys and more.

January 1, 2004- Happy new year before anything else. Obligatory holiday thing out of the way, here's what to look for. Check out the Ask Rei Anything section and DEFINITELY check out the new Eiken gallery. I'll bother adding my drawing gallery later because I'm reasonably sure no one gives a damn about when it goes up.
And hey, people- you might like this. You have seen my link section before, haven't you all? I knew that was why you all came here. Okay, check under the little line. Your site could go in that section- one where anybody who links to me and says so (and has a decent site I think's good for a look) gets a free link.
And I have good news for those looking for Iketeru Futari episodes... Check the icon descriptions AND the links...
Next update- A few of the galleries are gonna get a little boost.
Later update- Do you like Takashi Sano's work? Do you like bunnygirls? Heh heh heh!

Sometime in November, 2003- As said, Neopaint was fixed. All I need to do is keep turnin' back the clock and all is okay. That said, I actually got busy. Now you'll be seeing a few video game reviews and Ask Rei Anything. And oddly enough, I got the five e-mails needed! Also, since I got an e-mail asking me to update Ultimate Fort Wars- it's updated! Enjoy your new useless Spanish phrases and Random Musings too okay?
...Okay, how to fill space... Okay, got a way. Now, I don't normally use this space for this purpose, so if I AM, it's gotta be for a special purpose. That purpose? I wanna tell you about a game called Disgaea. If you own a Playstation 2 and like anime and strategy RPGs (maybe even if you DON'T like the latter), seriously, buy this, or at least rent it. It's really fun. Read any review on Gamefaqs, or darn near anywhere else- I don't think you'll find a negative review. Personally, seeing as I've logged in 178 hours and I've only had the game maybe two months, I can vouch for why. And it comes from a company that isn't really known for widespread release of its games, so I'd be quick about picking up a copy if you want one. Just a little announcement, don't gotta listen to it. But seriously, if you have the means, give it a try.

August 25, 2003 (by my guess)- You know what? I'm not gonna elaborate on this one. I added a bunch of pictures, whined about my computer and Neopaint problems, and somehow everything's now hunky-dory.

April 21, 2003- As my ongoing effort to avoid finishing what I start rages on, I did nothing on The Ultimate Fort Wars besides throw up the character listings and bios. Instead I decided to start throwing up reviews of video games. Today you get to read about a little ditty called Renegade, a.k.a. the only beat-'em-up I've ever played besides Double Dragon where it's possible to die in one hit. Also, to help you with the real reason you're probably here, I threw up one Yuka picture. There aren't even any Random Musings. Darn I'm lazy. Oh yeah... I have a contest for you all on the Renegade review. Alllllll four of you. Now that I remember this too, there's a new gallery! Satsuki Kaoru from 'Amazing Nurse Nanako'. ...Maybe I'm not so lazy. Enjoy yourselves.

April 9, 2003- Note: this is REALLY long so if you've got other things to do, just flip to the Yuka and Elena galleries, maybe Kaori. There's more there, not much more, but there is more.
Let's start with some facts you may've picked up on with my little drawing above. Yes, today is my birthday. Yes, I am only 17. No, I do not wish to get into how I bought Variable Geo three years ago considering you now know that I was 14 at the time. Yes, if you e-mail me, my first name (Andrew) rather than my middle name (not telling anymore) will be on it because I can't figure out how to change how my name shows up to e-mail recipients. And yes, I fantasize about stuff like in my drawing, even though I know it's not gonna happen unless I ingest all the pills remaining in the medicine cabinet all at once, and even then, the ensuing hallucination might not be what I want (and yes, I know how insanely stupid that would be to do in the first place. It's a dumb joke, that's the point of everything on this site.). Yes, my background drawing skills suck. And yes, unfortunately, that's the best picture I have drawn yet.
Other than that, I just thought I'd like to share some of the things that have happened to me lately. My vacation was fine, and my mood is good because, thanks to the rampant idiocy of the three teenage girls that wound up going with my family and my aunt, I realize that I have no use for a girlfriend until I turn 25 or so, 21 if there really are women who look like Chigusa at that age. I actually traded off going to Disney World for the first time in 15 years for $50 thanks to the begging of all other participants in the trip, no one say anything about my lack of negotiation skills, okay? It has more to do with the fact that most of the other participants were nuts and I know that arguing with nuts is a pointless exercise. Hey, everyone regretted it in the end, and I admit it was fun laughing in their faces about it.
As for the site itself, there isn't much this time. I'm not working on Variable Constant anymore, it seems, so until I get more fodder for it I'm replacing it with the "Ultimate Fort Wars" story next update. Yes, I got the idea from I-Mockery, but also yes, I do plan on trying to be original with it. Also, I decided I'm not going through with the O.M.A.K.E. section. I read through what I had and realized it was boring as shit, plus I'm not taking the time out to get pictures of KOIZUMI, of all people. Instead, in the future, you may well be seeing the definitive guide to all of Keisuke Saji's ass-beatings, complete with severity/deservingness ratings. In the meantime... There's more Yuka and Elena pictures, and one Kaori picture... Don't you want to see them?

March 28, 2003- Well, good news. You get more pictures in ALL of the galleries, in addition to a new gallery and MORE Random Musings! We also have addition of the fixin's for the anti-Akira Koizumi page, O.M.A.K.E. (that means I've began working on it, not that it's finished, for gosh sakes have you learned NOTHING about me?)! I also planned on having a section dedicated to useless yet useful knowledge of tricks I use for personal gain, until I realized I have none. Also... More links! Bear in mind, my nearing vacation to Florida will put updates on even more of a hold than usual. But when that happens, look forward to contributions by a new friend of mine.

February 14, 2003- Valentine's Day update!- Right on time with my least favorite holiday of the year, it's another update! Before we get anywhere, allow me to briefly explain my hatred of this holiday, as I do not wish to dwell on it any more than you want to hear about it. WARNING WARNING WARNING- DEPRESSING PART FOLLOWS
My snippy remark on the subject- On Halloween, I get all the candy that the kiddies choose not to eat. On Christmas, I get video games and anime. On Valentine's Day, regardless of the holiday's description, I get squat.
Enough said. On to happy subjects. Good news for those guys who can't find Pachinko Sexy Reaction (of which you actually have an option should you have a fast connection which I will discuss upon e-mail), but would settle for a game in a similar vein- I know the location of the 'Gals Panic' series of ROMs. Curious peoples, contact me 'bout that, these girls'll let you be theirs without being forced to pay up 50 bucks for candy on flowers on this very special day. Also joining us are several I.F. pictures, a couple of pictures of P.S.R.'s Yuki, obviously more Random Musings, and a whole new section! That's right, people! Me versus the text parser, it's Half-Parsed Two! Seen below. Next update will bring another new section, of which the icon is THERE, but it doesn't link to anything yet, is the anti-Koizumi page, O.M.A.K.E... Anyone who wants to add fuel to the fire for THAT one... Bah, you know the drill.
I sincerely hope your Valentine's Day is one @#$%!! of a lot better than mine'll be. Let's face it, I love women- they just don't like me. And in all honesty, I notice it's a whole lot easier to just score anime girl pictures than waste my time in a futile attempt to figure out what getting kissed feels like.

January 14, 2003- Before anything else, happy new year everybody. I'd like to take a moment to tell everybody who reads this page 'thanks'. It's nice to know that I've got ONE place in America where people appreciate my work. You guys don't know how much it means to me. Well, today, I've got some more pictures in the P.S.R. section- this time of Miruru (remember her? Pink-hair?). Also, I've got two more Yuka pictures, and more junk in Random Musings. Next update, I should have a few more pictures of both Yukis (the Iketeru Futari Yuki and the P.S.R. Yuki), as well as a little bit more for Variable Constant. Unfortunately, I just learned today that my chances of getting V.G. Custom are shot so I'm gonna have to work with some old Super V.G. sprites for the Section 1-2 comic (you'll see when it's there). But other than that and the fact that I'm looking for a Gals Panic S2 MAME ROM (Not anymore), all is cool. Enjoy your visit!

December 25, 2002: Holiday update, no longer complete with eye-gouging text color effects!- First, I know I updated more like the 22nd, maybe 23rd, I forget, but it's gonna be the 25th before anyone notices, I'm sure. That said, we'll start with a couple of irrelevant tangents. It seems to be an incredibly good thing that I got those Iketeru Futari episodes when I did, 'cause guess what I learned about the site I got all 16 from? It's GONE! I hate to say it, but I have no further idea as to where you could get it. Since I've gotten some e-mails from people who want to see it (and frankly, I do not blame you), I'm gonna look for another possible site to download them from, and when I find it, I'll put it up right next to the icon that explains my search. I also notice quite an interest in Pachinko Sexy Reaction from a good deal of the people who e-mail me. Basically, you can ditto what happened with I.F., 'cause ROMs are pretty much impossible to find nowadays. Still, if I find a site that has it, I'll be letting you all know about it. Wish me luck on both (believe me, if I had better than a 56k connection, I'd give 'em to you through Yahoo! Messenger without any fuss), and remember, if nothin' else, there's always file-sharing... On a less depressing note, I've got two more potential galleries planned for this site, even though I don't have enough material to get either one going yet (it is a true pain to be a fan of anime supporting characters, or more colliqually, nudge-nudge-elbow bop-backhand slap-violent shake). I'll even give them separate lines. How does one of Kagari from 'Adventures of Kotetsu' or Satsuki from 'Amazing Nurse Nanako' sound to you? Do you even know who they ARE? ...Thought not. Damn my luck. Got more in the I.F. gallery and in the Random Musings section. Oh yeah, check that Variable Constant section there. You're in for a surprise. Oh, and last thing. I plan on axing the Anime Character Conversations and Zero Wing sections. Wanna stop me, even though you know no more is going in? E-mail me- odds are they'll stay if I get more than one e-mail. ...Last message. Two more links. View them.

November 25, 2002- I'm starting to wonder whether or not it was such a wise idea to bring up that Variable Constant thingy six months ago, as by all reports, I seem to have no intention of getting it done. All I know is that the little comment I've got near its icon is starting to sound REAL believable. On a more positive note, I now have more in the Random Musings section! I've also put some more stuff in the Yuka and Iketeru Futari galleries, as well as adding and moving a few things in those and the Elena Goldsmith gallery. Let's see... I wonder what would happen if you held your mouse pointer over any of the pictures? Oh, anyone wondering if I was ever gonna update the Spanish Phrases section- just did.

November 2, 2002- Either I'm getting quicker or the amount of stuff I'm putting in my updates is going down. ...You're right. Prob'ly the second. So did anyone like my Iketeru Futari fanservice gallery? I sure hope so because I updated it, along with the Yuka gallery. Also today is the new 'Random Musings' section and the Elena Goldsmith gallery. Possibly next update will bring a Kaori Yanase gallery. Possibly before 2030 is Variable Constant.
Plus, anyone who wasn't able to view this site in the past couple days and actually cared, this may sound stupid, but putting in will almost always still bring you here, for some reason I don't understand.

October 22, 2002- Despite not SAYING anything new on the Iketeru Futari front, I have, since my last update, downloaded ALL 16 EPISODES, so take a look at the new Iketeru Futari gallery! It may be the only one you'll ever see. ...Okay, maybe just the only one that's all about the fanservice. Also are the additions to the Yuka gallery and one slight change to the 'dreams' section. Since apparently I haven't been eating enough pizza, I'll tell you that the dreams haven't changed.

September 10, 2002- Okey-dokey, most of the regulars (all five of you) probably noticed there was no site over the past week or so. Wasn't my fault. Wasn't really Kiwibonga's, either- it was HIS host that had some issues. But for the four of you who've stuck by, wondering when I'd be back, answer- now! It's probably gonna take me a few days to get all the pictures back up (so all pictures on this site until prob'ly Saturday are on this very page), but other than that, all my articles 'n stuff should be back about now. Until I get enough time to put my massive collection of P.S.R. pictures back up, here's a little eye-candy to tide you over. Hope you like the flavor of cheesecake. (It's here now) Also, I have a basic idea of how I want Variable Constant to start, so expect a comic next update. (In my time: next next next next update) (Hey, guess what! Next update, no comic! Bet YOU'RE surprised!)

August 13, 2002- Boy, did I have fun! The site went down temporarily, and I wound up having to rename nearly every file in the FTP folder, but hey, I guess it coulda been worse. At least you finally get to see something related to Variable Constant, and there's another new section besides that. Ain't tough to spot. I've also began considering adding more to the Civilization section, so expect to see some more next update. ...Oh yes, if you actually give a **** about that 'Third Half' story I began writing, I have more of it, and I revised a few things I forgot to say and/or do in the earlier stages. See if you can spot where the differences are if you want a challenge. 'Course, since I'VE forgotten all of the differences, I can't really tell you if you're right or wrong...

July 11, 2002- Did more than usual. I've got more Yuka pictures, more P.S.R. (you KNOW what that means by now) pictures, a coupla stories, and Rejected Banner Ideas (mostly because I thought of 'em AFTER the two currently on the page).

June 26, 2002- If this isn't the actual time of the site update, it's because I was factoring in my laziness in giving the site a small redesign. You know you like the pretty pictures. Admit it. Enjoy the new Yuka and Pachinko Sexy Reaction pictures, too.

June 13, 2002- Added yet more Pachinko Sexy Reaction pictures, thus proving that I officially have no life and rapidly dwindling chances of ever getting a girlfriend. Also, have y'self a look-see at the minor updates in my 'Life Lessons' section and the 'Insipid Stories' section.

May 17, 2002- Added the 'Last Battle' section.

May 14, 2002- Added another Yuka picture, put in another story, put several more pictures into the Pachinko Sexy Reaction section, added a link to my message board, and that's that for now, unless I got off my butt and started the Last Battle section, which I probably didn't (edit- I didn't).

First update ever- Around Apr. 15, 2002- Welcome to the somewhat new, barely improved site o' mine. Thanks to Kiwibonga.

Goofy, plotless, insipid, sounds good to me.

S'all you need to know.

Things I actually have done include messing with most of the sections a bit and adding a new section. Here's a hint. Flip down all the sections. Which one immediately catches your eye the most?

Why am I requesting this? Get me back to the main page.