As you can tell, sometimes I have trouble thinking of appropriate taglines. Winging things aside, for reasons unknown, people decide my site's good enough to install permanent links to. I typically don't notice because I'm amazingly out of the loop, but sometimes that's not the case. Much recognition ensues!

Because stealing Variable Geo and Viper artwork is awesome.
Pocket Monsters Lyrics!
A small site dedicated to mostly just that- Pokemon song lyrics. However, there's some stuff in the Miscellaneous section that could be useful to people interested in Japan, as well.
Tyrenol's Page
Interesting little site, good mix of anime and randomness (including the old MUGEN fighting engine). 'Cause randomizing anime fun stuff is awesome.
Order of business one: you KNOW what 'bakunyuu' means, so don't be an idiot- this site is loaded with news about hentai an' porn actresses- exercise caution inside. 'Cause there's pictures too.
Do you like the series "Mouse"? Of course you do, as do I. This is a friend of mine's site dedicated to JUST that. And there was much rejoicing, yay~
Anime Fanservice Image Gallery
How many pictures does this guy have? I'll put it this way. If you removed the smart-ass commentary and things on this site that aren't anime girl pictures, you'd have no reason to come here at ALL. They're also a lot more lenient about the "no nipple" rule than I am. So don't be stupid.
Anime wallpaper central. Bonus- they're fanservicey! Maybe even SUPER fanservicey. Point being, if you want to put something besides that dull-ass landscape on the back of your computer monitor, this might be a good place to do so.

Such an incredible battery of diverse fans! Let's see if I can penetrate the defenses and get to the main page.