Rejected Banner Ideas

You might have seen the banners I provide for you to use for linking purposes near the bottom of my front page. I'm not forcing you to use them, but I'm just tellin' ya. Anyways, I had a LOT more ideas for banners that for some reason or another, I didn't use. I think most of it had to do with the fact that I came up with all of these other big banners AFTER I got the two on the front you see now. Oh, and there were probably other reasons it woulda been a bad idea to use 'em. Read on, learn why.

Reason for rejection: I found it to be somewhat disrespectful and crude. Plus, I couldn't accurately show that Yuki was grabbing her breasts without making the subtitle unreadable.

Reason for rejection: I'm not sure I even WANT to get into the reasons why, except for saying one thing- have you ever seen the full version of the Arigase and Koizumi picture on the left? I have.

Reason for rejection: I've only GOT one picture of Yuka panty. Yes, I'm disappointed too.

Reason for rejection: While I would be thrilled to pound some sense into that stupid bastard Keisuke Saji over the head with a dual axhandle punch (or preferably, a baseball bat, even though using my own fists WOULD be more fun...), I found it jus' a LITTLE too violent. ...Okay, so truthfully, I don't know why this one didn't make the cut.

Reason for rejection: Looks too serious once you get to the picture on the right. Can you tell both pictures came from the same big one (don't everybody laugh at once)?

Reason for rejection: While I firmly believe a LOT of people like fanservice, I wondered whether or not they'd rather come for a site with better content and more thought-provoking material. Remembering that the answer is probably 'no' (is for me), it's probably because I couldn't get a really fanservicey picture of Mifuyu to fit in the banner very well.

Reason for rejection: Thought the Miko Mido fanboys would kill me (see: power of stupid in large groups). And it's impossible to read the fourth line. Okay, maybe not, but it's close to impossible.

Reason for rejection: Sounded WAY too serious in comparison with what's actually on the site. Remember, I once had an article about a deliberately botched foray into 'Civilization' with an un-spellchecked icon. C'mon!

Reason for rejection: Realized I have nothing else even REMOTELY mentioning Kagari on my site.

Reason for rejection: I'll tell you the truth. I thought about it for twenty minutes and I still don't have a clue why I didn't use this.

Reason for rejection: Wanted to cut down on probable monitor damage once viewers saw what looks like Elena ready to breast-feed Manami (even though we all know that's not what it is), realizing they didn't have much chance of like activities happening to them. As an aside, I hate my life.

Reason for rejection: Realized that maybe three people would get the reference, and that's including myself and Takashi Sano, assuming he speaks English.

Reason for rejection: Wanted to cut down on personal spam from psychiatric firms to fix an anime bondage fetish I don't have. Also, let's not get into the false advertising issue (inasmuch that this is one of three pictures that has it, and they all come from the same blasted picture).

Reason for rejection: Had a somewhat difficult time fitting Elena and Barnette's pictures in the banner (can you even TELL Barnette's aiming a gun?)

Reason for rejection: NOBODY can make Hyatt all dead.

Reason for rejection: It won't be. For anyone. Ever.

Reason for rejection: I can't get Marin to tell you're cute! She's an anime character for frick's sake!

Reason for rejection: People don't like to click banners that lie. Look at X10. I think I have a few more points because I used a cute anime chick though.

Reason for rejection: Forgot the body temperature required to consider it slight. Also, no one knows what the hell I'm alluding to with my little phrase.

Reason for rejection: Two words: Dead. Space. Plus there's a grand total of one person I know who'd get this.

Reason for rejection: Look at how I cropped this- can you tell Kirika's sucky-sucky's aimed toward foodstuffs? If you can't, think lawsuits. FALSE ADVERTISING LAWSUITS.

Reason for rejection: No goddamn comment.

Reason for rejection: Looking back, I really wasn't sure whether my site was more fun than naked push-ups.

Reason for rejection: Do you come here for the faces? I thought not.

Reason for rejection: Some people just don't like those tentacles. And others might think I use the tentacles.

Reason for rejection: Didn't wanna overuse the power of Tiny Tomo.

Reason for rejection: She does, but I guess it's not my place. I'm not the Tomo Fan, you know.

Reason for rejection: Sure, I keep falling asleep while MAKING this page, but this site can't be THAT boring... Can it?

Reason for rejection: 'Coming in' to Sausuboru-one IS what turns people into drained-out zombies.

If for whatever reason, you'd rather use one of these banners instead of the ones on the front page, you still can, y'know.

Take me back to the main page, you perverted freak!