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The official Kiwibonga Advance FAQ

  • Are there ROMs here?
  • The To-Do list.
  • What is/How do I use HTML?

  • Are there ROMs here?

  • In june 2001, kiwibonga.com was sent a legal action threat from the IDSA on behalf of Sega for hosting 900 Sega Genesis ROMs and 200 Sega Master System ROMs. So the answer is...

  • The To-Do list.

  • - *FIXED* Add password field in the edit profile screen.
    - *DONE* Put more stuff in the strip javascript function, and apply it to all user input fields
    - *ADDED*Let moderators move threads.
    - *DONE*Escape newlines on all user input fields
    - *ADDED* Add option to delete PMs
    - *ADDED* Make the links section
    - *FIXED* Make sure the registration confirmation string is secure
    - *FIXED* Escape newlines in the FAQ as well :)
    - *FIXED* Make sure the last post date gets updated when someone deletes the last post on a forum.
    - *ADDED* Make an option not to escape newlines on articles
    - Make a level system for the message board
    - *ADDED* Make Ranks for the Message Board
    - Actually, recode the whole thing because some things are unoptimized and 95% of the code is sloppy.

  • What is/How do I use HTML?

  • HTML is supported in your message board posts, your signature and your Member Bio. It's an interpretionotaticiousative language, and it's linear, and is used to modify the way text will look. This site is coded in PHP, which is a language that outputs HTML, and this page you're on right now, although it says faq.php in the address bar, is made of HTML. Here are some commonly used tags that you can use on the boards:

  • <b>text</b>

  • The B tag will make your text bold. You open it with <b> and close it with </b>.

    example: I eat dessert with a <b>spoon</b>.
    gives this: I eat dessert with a spoon.

  • <u>text</u>

  • The U tag works like the B tag, except it underlines text. Don't forget to close it.

  • <i>text</i>

  • The I tag works the same, except it italicizes text.

  • <font size="size" face="font name" color="color">text</font>

    The font tag is a tag used to modify the font of your text. It is opened like the u, b and i tags, but it's a bit more complex.

    Example 1: Modifying the size of a font
    Welcome to <font size=+2>HELL!</font>
    Gives this: Welcome to HELL!

    Example 2: <font face="Times New Roman">Times New Roman</font>, <font face="Impact">IMPACT!</font>
    Gives this: Times New Roman, IMPACT!

    Example 3: Modifying the color:
    <font color="red">Hello!</font>
    Gives this: Hello!
    You can also use the RRGGBB format, which is in HEX format. Basically you can go from 00 to FF in each case, with RR being red, GG being green, BB being blue. Think of it as if you were mixing paint, you can put more or less red, green and blue.
    Example: <font color=FF0000>text</font>

    The best way to learn how to use colors is to play around in your profile though (Try the member bio)

  • <center>text</center>

  • The text between these tags will be centered on the screen, just like in a word processor.

  • <a href="link">Link</a>

  • The A tag is used to make links. It's very appreciated when you use that tag on the message board, as people will just have to click on links you post instead of doing a copy+paste.

    Example: <a href="http://www.kiwibonga.com">Kiwibonga Advance</a>
    gives this: Kiwibonga Advance

    In other words, it's a link that points to kiwibonga.com.

    NOTE: Don't forget http:// in front of links, or else it won't work. Also, don't forget to close the <a> tag!

  • <img src="http://www.someplace.com/image.gif">

  • The IMG tag is used when you want to display an image.
    Example: <img src="http://www.kiwibonga.com/flipoff.gif">
    gives this:

    NOTE: Do not link to files on your hard drive, link to files that have been uploaded on a site, and make sure your host supports image linking. Some sites such as Tripod and Angelfire won't let you link to images from here.

    Also, keep it clean, don't use huge images in your signatures and posts, make sure you're not giving dialup users high load times.

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