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Here's the guy that actually wastes webspace on trash like this. Not to mention the guy who came up with the comic's name. Don't like it? It's his fault. Kiwibonga Advance is the place to go if you don't care about the latest Gameboy Advance or ROM hacking news, but are looking for a cool board full of crazy people. :D
Maddox is so awesome, a single half-assed sentence couldn't describe it. Just go to the site and see his awesomeness firsthand.
This is quite possibly the next Metroid Database. The latest Metroid news, multimedia, and some pretty cool message boards too.
The webcomic toplist I've registered with. Vote for Savage Boredom by clicking here.
If you love Metroid and also love metal, this is the website of your dreams. You'll love it, trust me.
Ah, good ol' Seanbaby. Just like Maddox, Seanbaby is super awesome and my little descriptive attempts cannot do him justice. I bet if he and Maddox formed some sort of Alliance of Ass Kicking, the worlds problems would be over.
The Strong Bad emails are one of the best things on the whole internet. If you've gone this long without knowing about Homestar Runner, go now!

Other Comics:

The best Metroid comic around. Sure beats the hell out of this one at least.
A great comic based around the Mario Brothers, that guy from Pokemon, and others. It's really very good, so go give it a read. But be quick about it; he's on geocities and goes through bandwith like a mofo. :D
One of the most original sprite comics I've read to date. It's really good, so go read it now.
Retro Roots is pure 8-bit  hilarity. If you like my comic, you obviously have low standards and will absolutely love Retro Roots. Go read it right now.

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