Regular Strips:

Strip 1: It Begins
Strip 2: A Pain in the Ass
Strip 3: The First of Many, Many Plotholes
Strip 4: A Cheap Excuse for a Backstory
Strip 5: Trying Something New
Strip 6: Oops
Strip 7: The Quest For the Uber Weapon
Strip 8: Ugly, Ugly Stars
Strip 9: Wrong Turn
Strip 10: Jackpot
Strip 11: Wrath, Revenge, and Retribution
Strip 12: No torizo's were harmed in the making of this comic
Strip 13: I can't think of a title... Let's call this one "Squirrel Cabinet"
Strip 14: Disturbing Fetish
Strip 15: Space Filler
Strip 16: School Sucks
Strip 17: Damn Those Contra Guys
Strip 18: The Code
Strip 19: Bah, good driving is overrated anyways
Strip 20: Ben the Unstoppable
Strip 21: Ben the Unstoppable Part 2
Strip 22: *fling*
Strip 23: Running Backwards
Strip 24: Worthless
Strip 25: Syd the not-so Unstoppable
Strip 26: Eep, rockets!
Strip 27: Friendly Fire
Strip 28: There's no revival from being exploded
Strip 29: Turning In the Bounty
Strip 30: Justin Bailey
Strip 31: Prison Sucks
Strip 32: Awesome
Strip 33: Dirty
Strip 34: Act Now, Think Never
Strip 35: 8-bit Madness
Strip 36: He's Like A Child
Strip 37: Beat the mother Brain
Strip 38: Planet Zebeth?
Strip 39: Lost? Me? Never.
Strip 40: Enter the Papa Brain
Strip 41: Memory Issues
Strip 42: No Love For the PB
Strip 43: Completely Oblivious
Strip 44: Hope This Works
Strip 45: Accursed Media
Strip 46: If It's Not One Thing, It's Another
Strip 47: Black, White, and Shades of Gray
Strip 48: Ben's Fault
Strip 49: Suspicions Confirmed
Strip 50: Microwaves Will Eventually Destroy Us All
Strip 51: Gadget Thingy
Strip 52: Style Changes Abound
Strip 53: No more Plotholes!
Strip 54: Ouch
Strip 55: Frozen
Strip 56: Unorthodox Thawing Methods
Strip 57: An Addition to the Team
Strip 58: Revenge of the Media
Strip 59: Not Again
Strip 60: Kinda Like Surfing
Strip 61: Squaa?
Strip 62: Body Inspection
Strip 63: Flaahgra?
Strip 64: Get It Off!
Strip 65: Energy Sucking
Strip 66: Sip's Horrible Discovery
Strip 67: Down the Dolphin's Hole
Strip 68: Damned Murphy's Law
Strip 69: Spelunking
Strip 70: Lost Beyond Belief
Strip 71: On Unsteady Ground
Strip 72: Crumble, Break, Collapse
Strip 73: Gaping Hole
Strip 74: [Insert Title Here]
Strip 75: Let the Battle Begin
Strip 76: Incescant Bickering
Strip 77: Being Crushed Sucks
Strip 78: Unexpected Interference
Strip 79: Geemer Face Torture
Strip 80: Geemer Revenge
Strip 81: Ignorance
Strip 82: Asinine Positions
Strip 83: Screwing Around
Strip 84: Scorched Geemer
Strip 85: Convenience
Strip 86: Back on the Surface
Strip 87: Back on the Ship
Strip 88: Ripper DNA?
Strip 89: Why Rippers Own and You Don't
Strip 90: Shutting Up the Plothole-whiners
Strip 91: Getting Even
Strip 92: The GF's Plans
Strip 93: Easily Pleased
Strip 94: Research & Development
Strip 95: Enter the Dolphin Beam

Bonus Strips:

Bonus 1 - Back on Track
Bonus 2 - The Big Blackout
Bonus 3 - You Are Craaaaaappy!


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Late Sprite Episode 5: Guest Starring Ben
Birthday strip for Kiwibonga, 2003
April Fools, 2004

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